Lies of Astaroth Game

Lies of Astaroth is a highly rated card battle game released on mobile platforms(iOS, Android and Windows Phone) and developed by iFree Studio. Finger Tactic Ltd. is working with iFree Studio to bring the game to the Facebook and Xbox One.

The game has gained its popularity among card battle game lovers and people love to play this. The web game version was originally launched on Dec, 2015 and its Xbox One version has been submitted to Microsoft ID Team already. Once it’s been approved, we will release the news to our gamers.

We thank you very much for supporting Finger Tactic Ltd.

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One thought on “Lies of Astaroth Game

  1. Love Lies of Astaroth very much! Comfortably relaxing and simple for a quick gaming addictive fix.

    For some reason I have not been receiving Easter Eggs my past couple of tower map sweeps on this latest 20-26 card Collection event on Xbox One.

    My Gamer Tag is: Blood Burst 02

    Thank you for a fun and simple gaming experience on Xbox One.

    – Ghost

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